Use options to bet on the future performance of a stock — or reduce the risk of holding it.

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Do you expect a stock to take off in the near future? Do you expect it to tank? Either way, use options to buy or sell the stock at a specific price by a specific date.

The intuitive, easy-to-use The Value Line Options Survey gives you the tools to search the entire market of more than 200,000 U.S. stocks, ETF and index options. Twice a day – at noon and at the close – the Options Survey publishes new evaluations and recommendations online so you can keep abreast of the fast-moving world of options.

Exclusive Benefits

  • Bid and ask prices for approximately 200,000 stock and index options, including approximately 80,000 longer-term options (LEAPS).
  • Performance forecasts
  • Analyst Commentary
  • Covering:

    • Call buying
    • Put buying
    • Writing naked calls
    • Writing naked puts
    • Covered calls
    • Married puts
  • Interactive options page. Immediate analysis of all the options on a stock or index that Value Line covers, including historical volatility, implied volatility, our model's forecast of future volatility, recent market premiums (bid and ask), our estimated "fair market" premium; and, the option's risk compared to the average stock.
  • Top 200 strategy selections for each of the major option strategies.
  • Options ranks (1 best for buying, 5 best for naked call/put writing).
  • Covered call and "married put" ranks (1 best).
  • Options screener. Use more than 40 search criteria to spotlight the options best suited for your investment strategy.
  • Online portfolio tracking. Unlimited number of contracts, fully downloadable for use in our portfolio tracking and position evaluation templates.
  • Spreadsheet downloads. Download Value Line’s analysis of more than 130,000 options using our spreadsheet templates.
  • The Weekly Option Strategist. Published every Thursday - providing vital information on how to best use the Options Survey.
  • Online manuals. To help you get started you will also have access to the following manuals online:

    • Quick Study Guide on How to Get Started
    • The Complete Guide to The Using Value Line Options Survey
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