Take advantage of greater price appreciation potential than bonds, and higher income potential than common stocks.

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If you’re a risk-conscious investor seeking excellent opportunities for income and growth, convertible securities may be for you.

Convertibles are financial instruments, usually bonds or preferred shares, that you can choose to exchange for a pre-determined number of common shares at a specific price. As a result, you can pocket the upside potential of the common stock to which the convertible is linked.

The Value Line Convertibles Survey arms you with a unique, highly effective approach to assessing the risk and return. Subscribe to take advantage of expert, unbiased analysis that throws a spotlight on the convertibles our analysts consider the best buys, and which ones you should probably sell.

Exclusive Benefits

  • Approximately 570 convertibles.
  • Daily update of prices, and Excel spreadsheets in ease to query format.
  • New recommendations with complete analyst discussion, commentary, and reason for recommending
  • Especially recommended convertibles and warrants categorized by risk and profit potential.
  • Analyst reports on especially recommended convertibles and their underlying common stocks.
  • Performance Rank. Value Line’s proprietary forecast on how each convertible is expected to react to market conditions in the coming six to 12 months, with upside potential and the risk involved.
  • Changes: Hold & Sell recommendations. We continually monitor all recommended issues until our analysts recommend that you sell the issue.
  • List of rank 1 convertibles. We cull our Especially Recommended issues from this list of convertibles that are expected to outperform the market in the next  six to 12 months, with updates on price, Performance Rank, volatility, yield, price of common shares, common shares rank, common shares 52-week highs & lows.
  • Quarterly results for especially recommended liquid issues ranked 1 and 2 for Performance.
  • Screener. Find the best convertibles for you. Screen by industry, stock symbol, rank, investment grade, current yield, and yield to maturity.
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