In this screen, we look for calls that are attractively priced for call buying.  By attractively priced, we mean that, according to our Value Line Options Model, the premiums are a bargain in view of the profits you can make if the stock rises. (Bear in mind, that the most you can lose is your premium.) In our screening, we have specified that, in addition to attractively priced premiums, these calls have some tangible or exercise value (i.e., they are in-the-money”), are reasonably liquid, and have current leverage to make at least four times the percentage gain as the underlying stock. A search for these options with our Online Option Screener produced a list of the following calls:



Stock Price


Months to Expiration

Current Leverage

Aecom Technology Corp.




2 1/3


Dana Corporation



Auto Parts

2 1/3


Freeport McMoran



Metals & Mining (Div.)

4 2/5


OM Group Inc.



Chemical (Specialty)

2 1/3


ON Semiconductor




6 1/4


AECOM Technology Corp. (ACM) is a provider of technical and management support services to government and commercial clients. It provides planning, consulting, architectural, and engineering design, and program and construction management services for a broad range of projects including highways, airports, bridges, mass transit systems, buildings, water and waste water facilities, and power transmission and distribution. www.aecom.com 

Dana Holding Corp. (DAN) designs, manufactures, and supplies a diverse range of auto parts for vehicle manufacturers. Products include axles, drive shafts, structural products, as well as sealing and thermal management products, and other parts used in light trucks, utility vehicles, vans, and passenger cars. Dana also offers products for industrial and construction vehicles, and other equipment, serving the agricultural and outdoor industries. www.dana.com 

Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold (FCX) is engaged in the exploration and production of copper, gold, and other commodities in Indonesia, North America, South America, and Africa. 2009 net production: 3.3 billion lbs. of copper, 2.4 mill. oz. of gold, 53.0 mill. lbs. of molybdenum. 2009 net proven and probable reserves: 83.0 bill. lbs. of copper, 33.6 mill. oz. of gold, 2.4 bill. lbs. of molybdenum. Operations include 90.6%-owned P.T. Freeport Indonesia and wholly-owned Atlantic Copper. www.fcx.com 

OM Group, Inc. (OMG) produces more than 400 different metal-based specialty chemicals and powders, principally derived from cobalt, copper, and nickel. Materials are widely utilized in auto catalysts, jewelry, stainless steel, rubber tires, alloy and plating applications, and rechargeable batteries. The company currently operates manufacturing facilities in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. www.omgi.com 

ON Semiconductor Corp. (ONNN) manufactures power and data mgmt. semiconductors, and standard semiconductor components worldwide. It offers automotive and power regulation products, computing products which focus on delivering controllers and transistors for power mgmt. in VCORE, DDR, and chipsets for audio, video, and graphics processing subsystems. Its digital and consumer products include cell phones and small portable devices. www.onsemi.com