Stock Market Today: June 18, 2021
Investors are still sorting out prospects for stocks and bonds, the economy, and interest rates following signs of a shift in Federal Reserve interest rate policy at mid-week. After a clear negative initial reaction resulting from a more hawkish Fed tone on monetary policy, the major stock indexes turned mixed. Read more
Stock Market Today: June 17, 2021
The major equity averages are looking at a lower opening today. This comes on the heels of a volatile session, which saw the market sell off into the afternoon, when the Federal Reserve released its monetary policy decision, and then hold a portion of those losses into the closing bell. The bearish mood is a reaction to the FOMC statement, which showed that the central bank may consider raising rates sooner than expected, with perhaps two monetary tightenings ahead of the timeline provided last year. Read more
Stock Market Today: June 16, 2021
Looking to the day ahead, eyes will likely be on the U.S. Federal Reserve monetary policy announcement this afternoon. The U.S. equity futures are a mixed bag, suggesting an uneven start to the trading day. Read more
Stock Market Today: June 15, 2021
The U.S. stock market performed unevenly yesterday. Looking to the upcoming session, the equity futures are flat-to-up modestly, implying a slightly favorable start to the day. No doubt, the U.S. economy is in recovery mode, as the coronavirus pandemic finally seems to be under control. Overseas, however, the health crisis is far from over in some countries, and that could weigh on the global economic outlook. Read more
Stock Market Today: June 14, 2021
The trading week on Wall Street will begin with investors looking for direction. The most recent five-day stretch proved to be a rather blaze affair, with the major equity averages never straying too far away from the neutral line and finding resistance any time they tried to make a move higher. Read more
Stock Market Today: June 11, 2021
The bulls have won another round in the debate over whether rising inflation is transitory or not. That is apparent as the major stock market indexes moved up, even after clear signs of rising consumer prices. Read more
Stock Market Today: June 10, 2021
The first three sessions of this week had investors searching for some news to drive trading, but there was none to be found, as both the economic and earnings calendar were very light. Looking ahead to the session at hand, the two economic reports from the Labor Department are grabbing the attention of Wall Street this morning. The equity futures, which were mixed leading into the releases, have stayed on the same course. Read more
Stock Market Today: June 9, 2021
The stock market started positively yesterday after a widespread outage took several websites down in the early morning. However, the major indexes closed the session on a mixed note. Looking to the day ahead, the U.S. futures are suggesting a modestly higher start to the trading day. Read more
Stock Market Today: June 8, 2021
The U.S. stock market put in a somewhat mixed session yesterday. Although the broader market averages settled lower, many names listed on the NASDAQ managed to make progress. Investors seem pleased that the economy continues to show improvement, but rising inflation, and possibly higher interest rates, are also of some concern. Read more
Stock Market Today: June 7, 2021
The month of June started with the investment community looking to the economy for direction. After two rather directionless days to begin the month, the business beat provided an impetus to end last week. On Friday, the major averages produced notable gains after the release of the May employment and unemployment figures, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the NASDAQ Composite, and the S&P 500 Index jumping 179, 200, and 37 points, respectively. Read more
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