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Featured Educational Articles


Bank Earnings Quality: Do The Numbers Tell The Story?

Investors rely on companies’ financial statements for information on how a company is doing. That’s not always easy when reported earnings are inflated or reduced by unusual, or unusually large, gains or losses, or other so-called nonoperating items. For banks, this is especially problematic. Read more


Fund Share Classes – From A to Z

When looking to either initially build out a portfolio or add to an existing one, investors need to spend a significant amount of time researching different fund families and often multiple funds within a family with varying objectives. Read more


What is a Convertible Bond?

Convertible bonds represent a debt of the issuing corporation and are commonly designated by the rate of interest paid and the year of maturity. The price at which a convertible is traded is quoted as a percentage of $1,000 (or Read more


What is an Option?

Most investors are looking for a way to either increase their returns or reduce their risk. Though options have the ability to do both these things, many people don’t understand what options are or how to use them. They also think that options are too difficult and complex to learn, though once learned, the endless supply of options combinations tends to be a blessing, not a curse. People who don’t understand options are missing out on the many strategies that can enhance returns and lessen risk. Read more


New and Existing Home Sales

Toward the latter part of every month--normally between the 23rd and the 28th--two important housing reports are issued. These are data on sales of new homes and existing residences. The source for the former is the U.S. Commerce Department; the figures for the latter are supplied by the National Association of Realtors—a private group. Read more


Term of the day


Also known as Conversion Value. It is the product of conversion ratio and current stock price.