Quarterly Sales

Box appearing at the lower left hand corner of The Value Line Investment Survey page in which five years of actual and estimated sales are listed for each of the four quarters of each listed year.


$100 DJI Grew To (Investment Companies)$100 Net Assets Grew To (Investment Companies)3- to 5-Year Projections"Cash Flow""Cash Flow" Line$100 D-J Ind Grew To$100 NA Grew To% Advisory% All Divs/Net Income Trailing 12 months% Average Annual Distribution Yield% Cash & Cash Equivalents% Change in Customers% Change Retail Sales% Commissions% Common Stocks% Company Investments% Current Yield% Distributions to Net Profits% EPS 12-Month Change% EPS Change from Previous Quarter% Expense to Premiums Earned% Expenses to Assets% Expenses to Net Asset Value% Expenses to Premiums Written% General & Administrative Expenses to Total Income% Government Treasuries% Gross Margin% Gross Portfolio Yield% Insider Holdings% Institutional Holdings% Interest Cost to Gross Income% Interest Income% Investment Advisory% Investment Banking% Investment Income to Total Investments% Investment Revenues% Loans to Total Assets% Long-Term Debt to Total Capital% Loss to Premiums Earned% Market Share% Net Assets% Net Interest Margin% Net Profit Margin% of Shares Traded% Operating Margin% Other Revenue - Security Brokerage% Other Revenues% Principal Transactions% Retained to Common Equity% Retained to Partners' Capital% Retained to Trust Equity% Return on Common Equity% Return on Partners' Capital% Return on Sales% Return on Shareholders' Equity% Return on Total Assets% Return on Total Capital% SG & A to Gross Income% SG & A to Sales% Share Price Change% Shareholders' Equity to Total Assets% Trailing 1 Week Total Return% Trailing 1 Year Total Return% Trailing 10 Year Total Return% Trailing 13 Week Total Return% Trailing 26 Weeks Total Return% Trailing 3 months Total Return% Trailing 3 Year Total Return% Trailing 4 Weeks Total Return% Trailing 5 Year Total Return% Trailing 6 months Total Return% Underwriting% VL Arithmetic Index Trailing 1 Year Return% VL Arithmetic Index Trailing 3 Year Return% VL Arithmetic Index Trailing 5 Year Return% VL Free Cash Flow to Price(Total) Interest Expense(Total) Loans1 Day Money Flow1 Month Money Flow1 Week Money Flow12 Month Moving Average3-5 Year Projected "Cash Flow" per ADR3-5 Year Projected "Cash Flow" per ADS3-5 Year Projected "Cash Flow" per share3-5 Year Projected "Cash Flow" per unit3-5 Year Projected $100 D-J Ind Grew To3-5 Year Projected $100 NA Grew To3-5 Year Projected % Administrative3-5 Year Projected % Advisory3-5 Year Projected % Annual Total Return3-5 Year Projected % Average Annual Distribution Yield3-5 Year Projected % Cash & Cash Equivalents3-5 Year Projected % Commissions3-5 Year Projected % Common Stocks3-5 Year Projected % Company Investments3-5 Year Projected % Distributions to Net Profits3-5 Year Projected % Expenses to Assets3-5 Year Projected % Expenses to Net Asset Value3-5 Year Projected % Expenses to Premiums Written