Market CommentariesA Beginner's Overview of Value Line Website Training Videos

To help our subscribers navigate Value Line’s recently redesigned website, we have prepared a series of videos, which we are confident you will find helpful. We recommend that you print out this transcript so it can be used as a reference aid after you watch the video to make things easier when using our new website. You can also download a pdf version of this article for easy printing.

Welcome to Video 1: The Digital Research Report: This video will explain how to view our new digital stock reports.  In this presentation we will discuss the parts of the new Value Line digital stock report, how to find Value Line’s traditional PDF single page stock reports, and how to rearrange the information on the new stock report.

To begin, once you arrive at the Value Line website, you will see a green “Sign in” box on the top right hand side of the screen.  Click the box, enter your user name and password where indicated and click the box “Sign In”.  You will arrive at a Welcome screen listing various locations on our website which you can visit and what each one does.   For today’s video, please click on Dashboard. 

When you get to the Dashboard page, you will notice a quote box located in the top right hand side of the page.  Please type in the ticker symbol for the stock you wish to research or the first few letters of the company name.  You will immediately see a list of company names from which to choose.  When you see the name you are looking for, click on the name of the company. 

As an example, let’s type in the ticker symbol for the Walt Disney Co. in the quote box.  That ticker symbol is DIS.  When we see Disney (Walt) DIS come up, we click that and the digital stock report for Disney will come up.

In the top banner, in the dark shaded area, we see the name of the company, the exchange it trades on and the ticker symbol.  To the right we see a light blue button labeled “Add to Watchlist”.  By clicking this button, you will see a popup screen offering choices of an already existing “Watchlist” that you have created previously or you can create a new Watchlist by typing in a new short name for your Watchlist and clicking “save”.  After you’ve added Disney to a Watchlist, by clicking save you will be taken back to the digital stock report and you will see the number 1 appear in the box to the left of Watchlists which shows that there is one stock in your Watchlist.

If you look to the right of the Watchlists you will see a box labeled “PDF Reports”.  Clicking this box will offer you a choice of the 4 most recent Value Line traditional single page company reports on Disney.  Click on the date of the report you want to see and it will promptly come up on your screen.  You can then print the report or read it on the screen.  When you have finished printing or reading, close the PDF.

Above the PDF button you will see 2 gray horizontal bars and 1 blue bar.  Clicking on each different bar will give you different sets of information about the stock.  For example, clicking the top bar shows you P/E information and the dividend yield, etc.  Clicking the middle bar shows you the 52-week high and low prices, earnings per share estimates and 3-5 year projections, etc.  Clicking the bottom gray bar gives you the stock’s alpha and beta.  Alpha is a measure of how much a stock price will rise relative to the market.  Beta is a measure of the volatility of a stock compared to the market, 1 being the market.  The S&P 500 Index is assigned a Beta of 1, so, a stock that has a beta of more than 1 is more volatile than the S&P 500 Index which is usually referred to as “the market”.  This bar also shows the upcoming ex-date – the day after the deadline to buy the stock and get the next dividend -- for stocks that pay dividends, etc.     

As you scroll down the page, you will notice that we have organized the information into boxes or as we call them, modules.   Although we don’t think it is necessary to move the modules, after you gain experience with the website and become more familiar with our website’s tools and capabilities, you may want to rearrange them. 

Following are the instructions as to how to rearrange and or add modules.  Each box (module) has a name at the top of it.  If you’d like to move a box (module) to a different part of the screen, move your cursor to the right of the name, left-click and hold down the mouse and drag the box to where you’d like it to be.  The box (module) will automatically fit itself in where you want it and other boxes (modules) will automatically move themselves out of the way to create room.  

As you navigate the page, you will notice a gray vertical bar on the right hand side of the page.  When you move the cursor over the bar, a small box will pop out showing the names of data items already appearing in boxes (modules) on the digital report as well as “Hidden” modules that you can add to the page by clicking on them. Carefully move the cursor over the hidden items, click them one at a time and they will automatically be added to the bottom part of the digital page. The beauty of the new Value Line digital page is that you can add as many modules as you’d like, including one called “My Notepad” that will allow you to easily write notes to yourself.

To download a pdf version of this article, click here.