Market CommentariesHelpful Tips for Navigating the New Value Line Website for Experienced Digital UsersIn order to quickly and efficiently help you with our new website, we have created a brief tutorial on how to access the important information needed in order to get the most out of your Value Line subscription. If you still have questions after reviewing this guide, please consult the Help section in the footer of this website, the Investment Education tab, email vldig@valueline.com, or call 1-800-VALUELINE (1-800-825-8354)

Valueline.com is now a customizable landing page that is referred to as the Dashboard. It is filled with current market statistics, daily stock market commentary, featured articles, and videos. Our proprietary content, which includes our time-honored ranks for Timeliness and Safety, our analysts’ commentary, and the classic PDF Reports, is only a few clicks away.

Signing In
To access your subscription, simply click on the Sign In button at the top right of the Dashboard. After entering your username and password, you will be brought to a simple Welcome page. From there, you can quickly access a great deal of Value Line’s proprietary content. In addition, now that you are signed in, return to the Dashboard, and with one click, you can access several key features from the Quick Links box on the top right of your screen. This includes the current Value Line Investment Survey Issue, weekly Rank Changes, Summary & Index, Selection & Opinion, and Supplementary Reports. Accessing some of Value Line’s other popular offerings, including Value Line Select and Dividend Select can also be accomplished here.

Accessing The Research
Clicking on the Browse Research tab on the top navigation will take you to the List Universe, which is your portal to Value Line’s vast data on the thousands of stocks that we track. Of course, at any time, if you want to find information on a particular stock, simply type the company name or ticker into the Search Box at the top of our site and click on the result that meets your objective. Moving back to the List page, the Coverage Universe will inform you as to which stocks your subscription entitles you to access. Analyst Covered stocks refers to the roughly 1,700 equities that are included in The Value Line Investment Survey. Small & Mid-Cap Featured, as the name suggests, are the 1,800 stocks found in The Value Line Investment Survey – Small & Mid-Cap. Clicking on Analyst Covered or Small & Mid-Cap Featured will take you to the complete lists of stocks included in those packages. To make it easy, only 10 results are showed at one time, and the columns can be customized to your liking.

New Layout
Clicking on a particular company name will take you to our brand new interface. Once there, you will probably quickly notice that the data and commentary are divided among more than two dozen modules, which may remind you of the boxes on the classic Value Line report. Speaking of which, if you would like to view the traditional report, simply click on PDF Report at the top right. The most recent report, as well as historical versions, is available. Going back to the new layout, the modules can be moved around, resized, and hidden, so you can create a unique, customized report that allows you to focus on the information that is most important. Once you have organized the page to your liking, you can save your template by hovering on the right side, which will activate a scrolling action bar. After clicking on Save Changes, you will be prompted to name and save your new template. Of the more than 20 modules, most users tend to gravitate toward the Ranks, Financial Strength, Analysts’ Commentary, Industry Commentary, and Charting components, but there is much more to see and do. Furthermore, to access previous Selection & Opinions, Summary & Indexes, and historical PDF Reports, this can be accomplished from the PDF Reports module.

After viewing the stocks that are currently in your portfolio and/or the ones that are potential candidates, you can create Watchlists to more easily keep track of these equities. This can be done in a couple of ways. First, if you are already looking at a particular stock, clicking on the large Add To Watchlist button on the top right will get you started. You can also create and manage Watchlists from within the Browse Research and Find Ideas tabs.

When researching a stock of interest, you can setup alerts that will notify you, via text, email, and/or Facebook private message, when a particular event occurs. This can be done from the Alerts Hub, which can be found within the Find Ideas tab. Alerts can be set for a variety of circumstances, including when a stock reaches a particular price, a rank change, or when Value Line releases new information. When you establish alerts, the individual stock page will reflect that feature.

To find potential investment candidates, using Value Line’s new stock screener is simple and fast. Accessing the screener is accomplished within the Find Ideas tab. Once you have arrived, simply click on the field(s) that interest you, enter the particular criteria, and the results will automatically display. The number of fields that you are entitled to use, the number of results you are presented with, as well as whether you are able to export/download the data, depends on your subscription level.

Portfolio Tracker
Also within the Find Ideas tab, you can access the Portfolio Tracker feature. This tool enables subscribers to create and manage detailed portfolios, including buy/sell prices, transaction dates, and total holdings value, as well as view Value Line’s proprietary ranks and ratings related to those particular stocks.

We at Value Line hope you found this tutorial interesting and helpful, and we are confident that you will greatly enjoy all of the new, customizable features that valueline.com now offers. Once again, if you would like more information about our website and the data and expertise that we provide, please visit the Help section, as well as the Investment Education tab. For even more support, feel free to email vldig@valueline.com with your questions or call 1-800-VALUELINE to speak to a live customer service representative.