Stock Market Today: July 30, 2014
Investors had a lot of information to digest today, and it showed up in another back-and-forth stock-market session. Primarily, the volatility had a lot to do with the day’s good news on the economy being offset by fears of higher interest rates down the road. Read more
Stock Market Today: July 29, 2014
Stocks spent another session trading in mixed-to-lower fashion on Tuesday, but with more volatility than they exhibited to start the week on Monday. To an extent, the normal focus on earnings at this point in the quarterly cycle has been derailed by political events and matters related to the economy. Read more
Stock Market Today: July 28, 2014
The major stock indexes today ended up not far from where they started, but there were a number of ups and downs along the way. Stocks started out Monday with lingering weakness following disappointing earnings reports from a couple of major companies late last week. The bulls were not about to be cowed into submission, though, after being emboldened by a proposed merger between a pair of discount retail chains. It took a while for the boost in sentiment to kick in, but stocks by early afternoon began to head higher. Read more
Stock Market Today: July 25, 2014
A choppy week of trading, which at times saw both the bulls and the bears making attempts to take control, ended with a big statement by the latter. Indeed, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the NASDAQ, the S&P 500 Index, and the Russell 2000 were all markedly lower. Read more
Stock Market Today: July 24, 2014
Wall Street liked some of what it heard today, but not all of the news went down as easily. As a result, Thursday’s stock market patterns felt the weight of a few cross currents. The session saw the major indexes, which include the Dow Jones Industrials, the S&P 500, and the NASDAQ, vary little from the opening bell to the close, and finish hardly changed. Read more
Stock Market Today: July 23, 2014
The U.S. stock market put in a mixed performance today. At the close of the session, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was off 27 points; while the broader S&P 500 Index was higher by almost four points; and the NASDAQ was ahead 18 points. Read more
Stock Market Today: July 22, 2014
It was another case of a Monday/Tuesday reversal for equities today. Indeed, Wall Street cheered another mostly positive round of earnings news that included the latest quarterly results from six Dow-30 companies. Read more
Stock Market Today: July 21, 2014
Stocks spent Monday mostly in the red after being unable to follow up on Friday’s big gains. At the close, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was off 48 points; the S&P 500 gave up five points; and the NASDAQ lost seven points, or a lesser percentage than the Dow and the S&P. Market breadth was clearly biased to the downside, as well, on both the Big Board and the NASDAQ. Read more
Stock Market Today: July 18, 2014
The U.S. stock market opened higher this morning, and was able to extend its gains through the afternoon. Notably, today’s advance erased the damage inflicted yesterday. Further, it was encouraging that the market managed to close higher, even as we head into a weekend in the summer. Read more
Stock Market Today: July 17, 2014
The bears were in charge on Wall Street today after ominous overseas events took center stage, causing stocks to fall sharply in late afternoon trading. At the closing bell, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 were off 161 points and 23 points, respectively. Read more
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