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Using A Value Line Report: Apple Finally Enters the Garden of Credence
Apple, Inc. has arguably become one of the most influential and innovative manufacturers in the global personal technology market, if not the most recognizable name in modern technology to date. Indeed, among the many newsworthy developments we will discuss in this review, the bit that commands the most attention of late is undoubtedly the tech titan’s long-awaited debut on the Dow Jones Index, a nod which many would contend has given the equity an overdue badge of credence that elevates it among the investment elite. This review will offer some insight regarding the benefits and caveats to joining the Dow, as well as analyzing the Value Line page to demonstrate the stock’s investment merits and potential pitfalls. Read more
SWOT Analysis: Nike
The business outlook at Nike (NKE) is bright. Overall demand trends have been favorable in most regions, for both athletic footwear and apparel. The drivers of the good results include basketball, lifestyle running, and men and women’s apparel. Geographically, we look for strong demand from North America and China. However, unfavorable foreign exchange rates, particularly the strengthening of the U.S. Dollar, have been pressuring results in recent months. We believe this trend will continue throughout the year. Read more
Dow 30 Earnings: NIKE, Inc. Third Quarter Fiscal 2015
Apparel and footwear giant NIKE delivered an Olympian performance in its fiscal third quarter (ended February 28th). Indeed, reported sales at the Dow-30 component rose a lighter-than-expected 7%, but were up 13% locally on a constant-currency basis. However, share net of $0.89 topped our estimate of $0.83 and Wall Street's consensus call of $0.84. Read more
Using a Value Line Report: Home Depot
Nearly seven years removed from the economic downturn of 2007-2009, one of the most devastating financial periods in our country’s history, broader market indices have undergone a steady, widespread recovery, even soaring to new post-crisis highs of late. It has been a passive investors dream for the past several years. There was value to be had around every corner, with companies across the board riding the coattails of the seemingly endless bull market, however, some may argue the gravy train is beginning to lose steam. Read more
Time Warner Inc.: A Short SWOT Analysis
Time Warner, Inc. (TWX) is a multinational, integrated media and entertainment corporation. In an increasingly crowded battle for consumers’ largely discretionary spending, will its HBO Now gamble be a boon or bust for operations? Can the company continue leveraging its wide content into long-term growth via its recent innovations? In this article, we will attempt to address these questions and more by taking a brief look at Time Warner’s business and performing an easy-to-follow SWOT analysis of the company, evaluating its Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Read more
Using a Value Line Report: Visa Inc. Charging Its Way to the Top
Visa Inc. (V), is the world’s largest retail electronics payments network, providing processing services and payment product platforms across the globe. The stock has been on quite a run since joining the Dow Jones Industrial Average in September of 2013. The company’s network includes credit, debit, prepaid, and commercial payments offered under a number of its brand names. For a more in-depth rundown of brands, as well as proxy information and detailed company-specific tidbits check out our Business Blurb in the middle of the Value Line report. Read more
Restaurant Brands International: A Short SWOT Analysis
Shares of Restaurant Brands International (QSR) have been on a tear since the company went public as Burger King Worldwide in 2012. In fact, since the beginning of 2013, its stock price has more than doubled. Whether this can be attributed to the company’s strong brand image, its superior profitability metrics, an effort to expand globally, or a combination of all of these things, QSR’s solid cash position and its recent acquisition of one of the world’s largest publicly-traded quick service restaurant chains (Tim Horton’s) puts the company in an excellent position to expand operations over the next few years. Read more
Apple Set To Enter The Dow Jones Industrial Average
Apple shares are trading modestly higher in a weakening stock market, following news that the tech giant will replace telecommunications services provider AT and T in the prestigious Dow Jones Industrial Average. Read more
Using A Value Line Report: Is WalMart Stock A Bargain
Since its doors first opened in 1962, Wal-Mart (WMT) has expanded to become the world’s largest retailer. Today, the behemoth’s "Every Day Low Prices" motif is ubiquitously known among the value conscious. But does WMT stock offer similar value to investors? Read more
Hormel Foods: A Short SWOT Analysis
With stock valuations appearing on the full side these days, equity investors may wish to get a bit more defensive. One place to look is the food industry, which is noncyclical, relatively stable, and apt to hold up pretty well in the event of an economic slump or significant market correction. And one of the notable standouts in the space is Hormel Foods (HRL). Read more
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