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Value Line's Premium Equity services provides you with proprietary research and analysis that can help you achieve your financial goals.

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The Value Line Investment Survey

Savvy Investor


This digital package is the most comprehensive research tool that Value Line offers to non-professional investors. – If you are serious about building your net worth, let the full power of our unique, in-depth research work on your behalf.

Savvy Investor is the only package that gives you access to the Value Line universe of approximately 3,500 large, medium and small cap companies across more than ninety industries. Make smart buy/sell/hold decisions by consulting our performance-proven ranks and ratings.

Exclusive Benefits

  • Approximately 3,500 equities
  • approximately 1,700 analyst covered stocks, including more than 150 foreign equities
  • approximately 1,700 small- and mid-cap stocks
  • Value Line proprietary ranks, ratings, estimates, projections, peer comparisons, analyst commentary, research notes, industry analysis and more
  • PDFs of classic Value Line company and industry reports
  • Stock quotations
  • SEC filings
  • Financial statements
  • Insider transactions
  • Institutional and fund ownership
  • Company news
  • Price history
Historical Data
  • Up to 10 years of select proprietary data:

    • Valuation measures - 10 years
    • Relative price strength - 10 years
    • Annual rates of change – 1 and 5 year rates
  • All other proprietary Value Line data -- 1 year
Customizable Tools
  • Data modules can be moved, and most can be resized to reveal more or less data and features. Create and save templates with modules sized and organized the way you want.
  • Stock screener – up to 10 saved searches. 50 companies displayed per results list
  • Watch list – save up to 3 watch lists. 15 securities per watch list
  • Alerts – set alerts in four categories (price/volume, valuation, ranks & ratings, analyst updates). Up to 25 companies
  • Charting – layer up to 11 indicators. Save up to 5 charts
Savvy Investor  $795/yearsubscribenow

The Value Line

Investment Analyzer

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The Value Line Investment Analyzer allows you to harness the sophisticated research provided by the Value Line Ranking System in order to quickly and easily acquire the information needed for more profitable investing.

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The Value Line

Research Center

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The Value Line Research Center combines a suite of Value Line financial research products in order to provide the most in-depth, relevant coverage possible and bring our expertise to you.

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To speak to a representative or purchase by phone, call: 1-800-VALUELINE (1-800-825-8354)

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