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Value Line data can be licensed for:

• Domestic Partner Programs
• International Partner Programs
• Index Products 
• Portfoio Strategies

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Value Line Data & Licensing Services

Licensing and Co-Branded Indices and Customized Portfolio Strategies

Value Line’s portfolio strategies, which include certain proprietary ranking system information and other proprietary methodologies, may be licensed and co-branded for use in third party products, such as unit investment trusts, variable annuities, managed accounts and exchange traded funds. The sponsors of these various products will typically receive copyright data for one or more proprietary ranking systems, which may include Value Line Timeliness™, Safety™, Technical and Performance ranks, as screens for their portfolios. The sponsors are also given permission to associate Value Line trademarks with the products.

Tailor-Made Portfolio Strategies for Expanding Your Firm’s Product Line-Up

Value Line offers your firm direct access to its demonstrated quantitative capabilities to build your custom investment strategies across most global equity markets and major U.S. asset classes.

Access to Value Line’s Historic Ranking System

Value Line’s 1-ranked stocks had appreciated 37,876%* between April 16, 1965 and December 31, 2010. For the same time period, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has risen just 1,170%. Our proprietary quantitative models have driven this robust performance for decades and can now be at your institution’s disposal.
*before commission costs and before dividends per weekly Timeliness™ ranks

Co-Branding for Your Investment Products with a Trusted Name in Investment Research

Our partners are given permission to associate Value Line trademarks with applicable products; including SMAs, ETFs, annuities, closed-end funds, structured products, etc.

Access to Our Proprietary Data

Value Line maintains an extensive database with long histories of proprietary data across stocks, ETFs, options, closed-end funds and convertibles.