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The Value Line Convertible Survey

Convertible securities can provide excellent opportunities for risk-conscious investors seeking income and growth. A convertible is a hybrid financial instrument that grants its holders the option of exchanging the issue for a pre-determined number of common shares at a specific price. As a result, investors can get the benefit of upside potential of the common stock to which it is linked.

The Value Line Convertibles Survey Online provides a unique, systematic approach to assessing the performance of convertibles, ranking over 600 issues for potential risk and return, showing you which convertibles make the best buys, and which ones should probably be sold.

The Convertible Survey includes a "Convertible Screener," which allows you to sift through our extensive database using a number of criteria, such as Rank, Investment Grade, Conversion Premium, Call/Put Dates, Maturity Date, and Industry. In addition, navigation of our user-friendly Web page will be a breeze, with single-page viewing for each security.

For over three decades, Value Line's recommendations have resulted in a compounded annual return of over 17%, a performance that earned it "Honor Roll" status in the prestigious Forbes/Hulbert survey of investment newsletters on several occasions. Value Line Convertibles Survey Online is an unmatched resource for all convertible traders and investors.

The Convertibles Survey provides you with our latest "Buy," "Hold," or "Sell" recommendations on our Especially Recommended list. In addition, there is usually a detailed full-page report on a convertible security and its underlying common stock currently listed on the Especially Recommended list. We also provide a "Bulletin Board" of recent company specific market developments including takeovers, exchange offers and stock splits. The Soon to be Callable, Redemption Notices and Recently Priced tables give a quick overview of important features.

There are over 570 convertibles securities (bonds and preferred stocks) evaluated in this publication.

In addition, a list of convertibles currently ranked 1, but not especially recommended for purchase are provided.