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An Option Strategy on Apple Inc.

Helped by a 7% increase, year to year, of its shipments of iPhones in the fiscal 2014 first (December) quarter, Apple (AAPL) appears set to return to an earnings-growth mode.Read more

Option Strategies: Qualcomm Inc.

Although lower-risk stocks tend to be associated with below-average total returns, there are relatively straightforward ways of enhancing prospective performance using options that have attractive risk/reward parameters. Qualcomm (QCOM) is a major player in the rapidly expanding smartphone business and can offer good investment appeal.Read more

Buying Naked Puts

No matter how bullish the stock market may look at a particular time, you should always diversify your portfolio with a few uncovered (or "naked") put purchases. In this report, we offer advice on how to pick the puts that are right for you.Read more

A Refresher Course on Our Old Screener

This week, we offer a refresher course on our Options Screener (Old Version). Since we introduced this product in early 2003, it has greatly enhanced the user-friendliness and flexibility of our service.Read more

Understanding Our Volatility Forecasts

We are proud to say that we are the only options service available to retail investors that provides state-of-the art volatility forecasts on virtually the entire equity options market (2,500 + common stocks). These volatility forecasts are important, because they tell you whether an option is favorably priced for a particular strategy.

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Screening for Stocks and Options

Many of our option subscribers also have access to the Value Line Investment Survey online and to its Stock Screener. What these subscribers may not know is that they can use this Stock Screener to select a list of stocks and then automatically transfer their selections to our Option Screener.

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10 Covered Call Myths (or “Myth Conceptions”)

Much of what you are told about covered call writing, even by many so-called “experts,” is wrong – or, at least, less than 100% accurate. This week, we explore ten myths about covered call writing that you may have heard. Perhaps the key word here is “always,” as in always explore your alternatives - rather than always pursue exactly the same strategy.

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Adding Options to Your Portfolio

The mere mention of options can send shivers down the spine of investors who have only heard about them through the news.  To be sure, when used imprudently, options can do a great deal of damage to a portfolio.  But, when used prudently, options can be a valuable addition to an investor’s toolbox.  Covered calls are probably the best starting point for adding options to your portfolio.

Buying Protective Puts

This is definitely a market in which you need to be hedged. The S&P 500 and the Dow are down about 11% over the past month and only about 2% above earlier January lows. On the other hand, some stocks are doing better than others. Value Line’s rank 1 common stocks are down only about 3.5% as investors are tentatively looking for growth potential. In what may be a “stock picker’s” market, holding good stocks and protecting them with puts may be the way to go. In this week’s report, we cover in some detail how to hedge stocks you own with puts. Even when markets are volatile (as they are now), you can tailor your put insurance to suit your expectations and your tolerance for risk.

Defining Options Terms

If you are already familiar with options (what they are, what gives them value, the terms that describe them and how they are traded), you can probably skip this chapter. However, if you are uncertain about some of the terms or concepts, this chapter will probably answer your questions. We start with some basic definitions.