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The Federal Reserve Holds The Line On Interest Rates; August 2018 Statement Is More Hawkish
The Federal Reserve did the expected earlier this afternoon when it voted to keep interest rates unchanged following the conclusion of its latest FOMC meeting. However, its accompanying statement became moderately more hawkish. To be sure, this was not a game changer, but there was enough of an adjustment to stoke some selling in the equity market in the minutes following the monetary move. Read more
The Federal Reserve Does The Expected, But Says What Was Unexpected
This afternoon, an increasingly transparent Federal Reserve Board raised its target on the federal funds rate by 25 basis points, or one-quarter of a percentage point. That move was widely expected and taken by itself should not have elicited much reaction by the markets. What Wall Street was not necessarily expecting was a suggestion that the lead bank was aiming for two additional rate hikes this year. Read more
The Federal Reserve Sees Moderate Economic Growth Across The Country in April and May 2018
The Federal Reserve released its Beige Book summation of economic activity across the country, and there were few surprises. Indeed, this issuance was in keeping with the central bank's increasingly transparent treatment of the nation's economic outlook and the bank's monetary policy. Read more
The Federal Reserve Holds Interest Rates Steady At Its May 2018 FOMC Meeting
The Federal Reserve voted to keep interest rates unchanged at its two-day Federal Open Market Committee meeting, which concluded this afternoon. Expectations had been nearly unanimous that the lead bank would vote to retain the current federal funds rate. Read more
The Federal Reserve Votes To Raise Interest Rates in March 2018, As Expected
The Federal Reserve ended its latest FOMC meeting, and the first such gathering under the stewardship of Jerome Powell, and voted to raise the federal funds rate target by 25 basis points. The move to the higher rate level had been widely expected, with nearly 95% of those on the Street expressing an opinion having suggested such a course was likely. Read more
The Federal Reserve Stays The Course On Interest Rates
The Federal Reserve, to the surprise of virtually no one, voted to keep interest rates unchanged today, with that decision ending the bank's latest two-day FOMC meeting. The tally to keep rates unchanged was unanimous. The next scheduled FOMC meeting is in March. The consensus view is that borrowing costs will go up at that time. Read more
The Beige Book Sees Steady Economic Growth and Moderate Inflation
The Beige Book, a Federal Reserve publication about current economic conditions across the nation's 12 Federal Reserve Districts, which is used by central bank economists to assess the overall direction and pace of business change, was released a bit earlier this afternoon and found that the economy had continued to expand from late November to the end of 2017. Read more
The Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rates At Its December 2017 FOMC
The Federal Reserve, which has become increasingly transparent in recent years, again lived up to its reputation, voting to raise interest rates following the conclusion of its two-day FOMC meeting, which adjourned at 2:00 PM (EST) this afternoon. Read more
The Beige Book Suggests More Of The Same in November 2017
The Federal Reserve, in its Beige Book economic summation, released at 2:00 PM EST suggested that economic activity was continuing to increase at a modest-to-moderate pace across the country, although there had been slight improvement in the outlook in recent weeks. The Beige Book is a Federal Reserve System publication of current economic conditions across the 12 Federal Reserve Districts. Read more
The Federal Reserve Stays The Course In November 2017
The U.S. Federal Reserve, which has been long on transparency and, accordingly, short on monetary surprises in recent years, lived up to its reputation this afternoon, as it voted to keep interest rates unchanged. Expectations for no rate change had been almost universal going into the meeting yesterday. Read more
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