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Stock Market Today: August 3, 2015

The stock market withstood a further plunge in oil and other commodities last week, the report of a less-than-stellar second-quarter gain in the nation's gross domestic product of 2.3%, the issuance of further uncertain earnings data, and a less-than-forthcoming Federal Reserve FOMC meeting, to push nervously higher. To wit, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, after some nervous back-and-forth movement during the week, finally closed the concluding day of July with a modest 56-point loss, while the other large-cap indexes eased back as well. However, in this mixed setting, the Russell 2000, the leading small-cap index, gained nicely on the day, while the S&P Mid-Cap 400 edged higher, as well.    Read more

Job Growth Picks Up In June

The nation added 288,000 jobs in June, with non-farm payrolls strengthening much more than had been anticipated.  The consensus expectation for the month had been for job growth of about 215,000.    Read more

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