The Value Line Institutional Survey



The Value Line Institutional Survey

Covering 3,500 stocks.   Across 100 industries.   Representing 95% of the daily US trading volume.   Backed by 80 Years of Powerful Thinking.

As Value Line enters its 80th year, we take pride in knowing that our efforts have helped thousands of Institutional Investors successfully navigate the stock market through bull and bear markets. Clients single out Value Line research as independent and authoritative – in a word, the bedrock of investing. Institutions look to The Value Line Institutional Survey as the epitome of these standards, basing major strategic decisions on its steadfast guidance and market insight.

Broad Coverage, Laser Focus: The Value Line Advantage

The Value Line Institutional Survey opens a vault of investment research, data, expert analysis, and commentary with a time proven, easy-to-use stock ranking system:

  • Put Value Line to work for you: Value Line is the leading authoritative investment information resource that supplies professionals with volumes of essential data, sophisticated analytical tools, proprietary forecasts, and expert guidance — all within one platform. See the ever expanding world of opportunities through Value Line’s wide-angle lens, monitoring over 3,500 large-, mid- and small-cap companies with market values from less than $1 billion to well over $5 billion.
  • Minimize risk, increase gains through small and mid-cap investments: Often not covered by mainstream analysts, small and mid-cap companies’ shares are thinly traded and not widely held, making their prices more sensitive to internal setbacks, as well as to external competitive, economic, or political shocks. While reliable information can be hard to find, the knowledge held in Value Line’s Institutional Survey creates a shield of data and analysis that allows you to battle against risks and open doors to substantial gains
  • Investment knowledge in high definition: As a Value Line client, your insight into the market becomes even sharper, as access to new tools, knowledge, and data transforms the world of investing that you know into high definition. As a successful institutional investor, you’ll appreciate not just the “what” and the “how” presented in the Institutional Survey, but also the “why.”
  • The difference between average performance and exceptional performance: Maximize returns with Value Line’s data and analysis. Be the most well-informed investor. Boost portfolio performance.
  • AND you will have unprecedented access to:
    A 10-15 year graph of monthly price ranges
    Cash flow
    Relative price strength
    3-5 year target price
    Tables showing assets and liabilities
    Growth rates
    Quarterly sales
    Quarterly earnings
    Projected price appreciation
    Information on the company’s Financial Strength
    The stock’s Price Stability
    Price Growth Persistence
    Earnings Predictability
    and more...

Bottom Line: Value Line helps you make money.

What We Deliver 52 Weeks a Year

Published weekly with daily updates online, The Value Line Institutional Survey consists of four major components, spanning large companies to small and mid-cap, allowing our clients to see the full spectrum of opportunities, as well as those that should be avoided:

  • Ratings and Reports: Having no investment banking or customer brokerage operations, Value Line does not benefit from any trades a client may make. This means completely unbiased insight. Full page industry and company reports include the most accurate ranks, dependable financial data, and proprietary analysis. Get a quick overview of all the companies we cover and then focus in on those of greatest interest to you and your company.
  • Summary and Index: This section lists all covered stocks with recent price, Value Line ranks, and other Key Performance Indicators. The pages are statistically driven, containing numerous ratings to help subscribers dig down beneath the reported numbers.
  • Selection and Opinion: This is where you will find Value Line’s opinion about the state of the economy, the outlook for the stock market, and our current investment strategy. You’ll also find analysis of relevant industries, stock highlights on one or two companies that are favorably ranked for Timeliness™ or long-term appreciation potential, and our well-regarded portfolios that make investing the Value Line way very easy.
  • Complete the Picture with Market-Driven Supplements: When warranted by market events such as mergers and acquisitions and new company profiles, supplementary reports analyzing a company’s news are posted online almost immediately.

Online Tools to Maximize PortfolioPerformance

Through online access, you now have all the tools you need to stay ahead of your competitors on our secure proprietary website.
FREE with your subscription:

  • Unlimited Access to Real-Time, Subscriber-Only Content: You will have password-protected access to each week’s issue with the latest information including Timeliness ranks, posted at 8:00 A.M. EST each Monday that the New York Stock Exchange is open
  • Information When You Want It, Where You Want It: Access the data and analysis you need to make informed decisions – 24/7, updated weekly.
  • Slice and Dice Data:Value Line tools help you sift through a warehouse of data, search one of almost 250 data fields, and export what is meaningful to you in a format that can easily integrate with your resources as a whole. Generate custom reports to zoom in on what matters to you most at that moment.
  • Since our founding during the Great Depression, Value Line has been committed to our clients’ success. With online access, discover the key analytics that will put you on top too

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