The Value Line Institutional Investment Analyzer



The Value Line Investment Analyzer

250 data fields, on 1,700 major stocks, representing nearly 100 industries – at your fingertips

For 80 years, Value Line has expertly surveyed the markets for stocks on the verge of major profitability and those that investors should avoid. Whether today’s market continues its volatility or begins to stabilize, what you need is a more reliable and time-tested service for maximizing profits and controlling risks.

The Value Line Investment Analyzer: Your Virtual Partner

The Value Line Investment Analyzer is a powerful software service that delivers outstanding professional stock analysis, featuring Value Line’s proven Timeliness™ Ranking System. Acting as your virtual partner, The Value Line Investment Analyzer allows you to harness Value Line’s sophisticated research to quickly and easily acquire the information needed for better, and more profitable investing.
With over 250 data fields for each stock and a portfolio management module that lets you create and track your stock portfolios, The Value Line Investment Analyzer delivers the financial data you want and the resources you need to use it – advanced screening, sorting, graphing, and reporting on individual common stocks, industry groups, or portfolios – in one easy-to-use service

Your Analyzer at Work: Tools to Maximize Portfolio Performance

Unlimited Access to Up-to-Date, Subscriber-Only Content
A subscription to The Value Line Investment Analyzer sets you apart from your competition with access to:

  • Value Line’s time-tested full-page reports and analyst commentaries.
  • Timeliness, Technical, and Safety™ ranks on approximately 1,700 stocks.
  • Stock quotes and news updated throughout the day.

Slice and Dice Data
Value Line online tools help you sift through a virtual warehouse of data, in a format that can easily integrate with your resources as a whole. The tool gives you the power to:

  • Screen more than 250 data fields, on approximately 1,700 major stocks, representing nearly 100 industries
  • Monitor an additional 1,800 Small- and Mid-Cap stocks
  • Use more than 200 graph options, technical charts, and comparison graphs with up to 10 years of history
  • Manipulate over 40 different technical indicators and 20 line studies in chart form, including up to five years price history
  • Transaction-based portfolio tracking and real-time pricing updates

Information When You Want It, Where You Want It

Through The Value Line Investment Analyzer, you can access the incomparable resource, The Value Line Institutional Survey, which includes at its core three major components — all powered by the critical tools that you need to take control of your portfolio.

  • Ratings and Reports: Completely unbiased, full page industry and company reports include the most accurate ranks, financial data, and proprietary analysis in the industry. Get a quick overview of all the companies Value Line covers and the ability to focus on those of greatest interest to you and your company.
  • Summary and Index: This 40 page report lists all covered stocks with recent stock prices, Value Line ranks, and other Key Performance Indicators. These pages are statistically driven, containing years of historical data.
  • Selection and Opinion: Your weekly newsletter where you will find Value Line’s opinion about the state of the economy, the outlook for the stock market, and our current investment strategy as a whole. Generate custom reports to zoom in on what matters to you most at that moment.

The Value Line Investment Analyzer is the authoritative investment data resource, spanning large companies to small and mid-cap, allowing you to see the full spectrum of opportunities, which you should steer clear of, and prime prospects that can make your portfolio exceed expectations and earn you exceptional rewards.

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