The Value Line Datafile

Value Line DataFile Products

450 Data Fields, 7,000 Companies, 100 Industries… Unrivaled Access

Dating back to 1955, Value Line DataFile offers institutional users the ultimate in comprehensive historical fundamental data, spanning companies in nearly 100 industries. Updated weekly, Value Line DataFile consists of more than 450 data fields, covering approximately 7,000 active companies traded in North America, including those in key benchmark indices such as the S&P 500, Russell 3000, and the Toronto 300.

Covering the Spectrum: How Our Subscribers Benefit

Value Line DataFile includes everything from full balance sheet data and income statement data to capital and equity structure – everything you need to avoid the mistakes of the past, make sound decisions today, and profit in the future. Our subscribers choose us because Value Line:

  • Never Rewrites the Past... Historical data is “as reported,” not restated, so that you can test models and validate theories reliably.
  • Gives You Every Tool You Need in the Present... Create highly customized analyses, integrating your data with Value Line historical data. Incorporate results into your own proprietary model or spreadsheet package.
  • Helps You Project the Future... Institutional users now have access to proprietary estimates and ranks on approximately 3,500 stocks, as well as aggregate information on nearly 100 industries — the same group covered by the incomparable Value Line Institutional Survey. The file contains year-ahead estimates and 3- to 5-year projections of company financial performance and stock price performance, developed by Value Line’s team of highly regarded independent analysts. The time-tested Value Line ranks — Timeliness™, Technical, and Safety™ — are included, as are performance ranks on approximately 5,000 additional stocks.

Through the Value Line Mutual Fund DataFile, these benefits extend beyond major stocks to leading North American mutual funds. With historical intelligence going back more than 20 years, This DataFile delivers 200 data fields on more than 20,000 of the most popular North American equity and bond funds. Access monthly pricing information, weekly performance data, sector weights, holdings data, per share data, and more

Grow Your Client Base with Value Line DataFiles

Since our founding during the Great Depression, Value Line has been committed to increasing clients’ revenue in both good times and bad. Value Line DataFile, the foundation of this profitable success, has been proven to:

  • Instill confidence in new clients using Value Line’s proven reputation for unbiased research and insightful analysis.
  • Keep you ahead of the competition.
  • Help you explore new strategies with confidence.
  • Ultimately, raise your portfolio value.

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