Timeliness Rank

The rank of a stock’s probable relative market performance in the year ahead. It is derived via a computer program using as input the long-term price and earnings history, recent price and earnings momentum, and earnings surprise. All data are known and actual. Stocks ranked 1 (highest) and 2 (above average) are likely to outpace the year-ahead market. Those ranked 4 (below average) and 5 (lowest) are expected to underperform most stocks over the next 12 months. Stocks ranked 3 (average) will probably advance or decline with the market in the year ahead. Investors should try to limit purchases to stocks ranked 1 (highest) and 2 (above average) for timeliness.



$100 DJI Grew To (Investment Companies)$100 Net Assets Grew To (Investment Companies)3- to 5-Year Projections"Cash Flow""Cash Flow" Line$100 D-J Ind Grew To$100 NA Grew To% Advisory% All Divs/Net Income Trailing 12 months% Average Annual Distribution Yield% Cash & Cash Equivalents% Change in Customers% Change Retail Sales% Commissions% Common Stocks% Company Investments% Current Yield% Distributions to Net Profits% EPS 12-Month Change% EPS Change from Previous Quarter% Expense to Premiums Earned% Expenses to Assets% Expenses to Net Asset Value% Expenses to Premiums Written% General & Administrative Expenses to Total Income% Government Treasuries% Gross Margin% Gross Portfolio Yield% Insider Holdings% Institutional Holdings% Interest Cost to Gross Income% Interest Income% Investment Advisory% Investment Banking% Investment Income to Total Investments% Investment Revenues% Loans to Total Assets% Long-Term Debt to Total Capital% Loss to Premiums Earned% Market Share% Net Assets% Net Interest Margin% Net Profit Margin% of Shares Traded% Operating Margin% Other Revenue - Security Brokerage% Other Revenues% Principal Transactions% Retained to Common Equity% Retained to Partners' Capital% Retained to Trust Equity% Return on Common Equity% Return on Partners' Capital% Return on Sales% Return on Shareholders' Equity% Return on Total Assets% Return on Total Capital% SG & A to Gross Income% SG & A to Sales% Share Price Change% Shareholders' Equity to Total Assets% Trailing 1 Week Total Return% Trailing 1 Year Total Return% Trailing 10 Year Total Return% Trailing 13 Week Total Return% Trailing 26 Weeks Total Return% Trailing 3 months Total Return% Trailing 3 Year Total Return% Trailing 4 Weeks Total Return% Trailing 5 Year Total Return% Trailing 6 months Total Return% Underwriting% VL Arithmetic Index Trailing 1 Year Return% VL Arithmetic Index Trailing 3 Year Return% VL Arithmetic Index Trailing 5 Year Return% VL Free Cash Flow to Price(Total) Interest Expense(Total) Loans1 Day Money Flow1 Month Money Flow1 Week Money Flow12 Month Moving Average3-5 Year Projected "Cash Flow" per ADR3-5 Year Projected "Cash Flow" per ADS3-5 Year Projected "Cash Flow" per share3-5 Year Projected "Cash Flow" per unit3-5 Year Projected $100 D-J Ind Grew To3-5 Year Projected $100 NA Grew To3-5 Year Projected % Administrative3-5 Year Projected % Advisory3-5 Year Projected % Annual Total Return3-5 Year Projected % Average Annual Distribution Yield3-5 Year Projected % Cash & Cash Equivalents3-5 Year Projected % Commissions3-5 Year Projected % Common Stocks3-5 Year Projected % Company Investments3-5 Year Projected % Distributions to Net Profits3-5 Year Projected % Expenses to Assets3-5 Year Projected % Expenses to Net Asset Value3-5 Year Projected % Expenses to Premiums Written